About Iffy's Sweets & Treats

Every baked treat starts in an oven, and my cake ball baking frenzy began in my humble kitchen! I have always enjoyed baking, and in the last few years, I often found myself baking specialized treats for potlucks, dinners, and special events.

Photo of Iffy True story: One day, as I was creating my signature owl cake pops for a friend's birthday celebration, my friend Stefani mentioned that as often as I baked and as professional as my products looked, I might as well start my own baking business. I mentioned the joke in passing to other friends and family and they overwhelmingly supported the idea. Shortly afterwards, Iffy's Sweets & Treats was born!

As I spent more time in front of the oven, I began to craft new unique ways to surprise (and satisfy!) the taste buds of my friends and colleagues by experimenting with recipes and decorating techniques. At the time, I considered Iffy's Sweets & Treats a small venture to serve not only the needs of my family and friends, but also to satiate my creative passion. However, word of my inventive and interesting flavor combinations expanded beyond my intimate circle and within weeks, I began filling orders for people who found me on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Now, I find myself busy filling orders for birthday parties, retirement parties, military deployments, weddings, and more!

Baking is my God-given passion and it is my absolute pleasure to help make your special occasions sweeter...

~ Iffy